5 Reasons Why Mario Is So Popular

As far as video games are concerned, one of the most popular characters is known as Mario. Over the 30-year-career of Nintendo, it introduced more than a hundred games for many genres and systems and enjoyed great success. Given below are 5 reasons why Mario Bros runs circles around other games. Read on.

Revolutionary style

In the gaming world, Mario offers a refreshing change. In each game, Nintendo guides you to a new, exciting adventure.

Most of the fresh Mario titles follow the same format set for Super Mario Bros. As a matter of fact, a lot of other games are inspired by the style of Super Mario Bros. This is what this game makes one of the best out there.

New format

Actually, this product is iconic as it didn’t pose the same challenges that other titles did. Throughout the game, the difficulty level keeps ramping up in a way that is enjoyable for players. The initial levels teach you how you can play the next levels skillfully. However, you won’t get detailed instructions as the design is intuitive.

The structure of this iconic game is so powerful that many of today’s developers are making new games based on it.


Super Mario Bros came out when there were not so many games. The machines were designed in a way that the players had to keep paying to continue with the game. On the other hand, Nintendo adopts a different technique. The challenge was not made easier. The players lost “lives” because of their own fault not because of the game design.

The platform was based on precision, which means if you take action at the right time, you won’t fail.

Industry Success

Before the release of Mario, the gaming industry was not as successful. In fact, its revenue was coming down. Then Nintendo came forward with a new title that opened up a new world for developers.

The introduction of NES changed the way the gaming landscape looked. The new title was about adventure and exploration instead of high scores. As a matter of fact, the product became so popular that it made the highest sales revenue for many decades.

Easter Eggs

Although players were familiar with Easter eggs even before the release of Mario, they were not that common. If you have played the title, you may remember the secret warp pipes that helped you head to the new worlds. And this format opened a new world for skilled developers.

Also, this pattern encouraged players to explore the whole game in order to reveal more secrets. Nowadays, in almost every game, you can find tons of secrets and collectibles. The credit goes to Mario.

With respect to graphics, Mario may not compete with the latest titles but it has a lot of things that make it a lot better than today’s games. Many of today’s games have features that remind us of Mario.

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5 Crucial Things to Know Before Playing Cards

Well who doesn’t want to make a great impression at the next party or well, anywhere? Whether you want to win a bet among your friends or impress a couple of new friends, doing a few card tricks is the key. Here are 5 crucial things to know before playing cards. Tools of the Trade To accomplish a few great tricks, all you will need is a pack of cards and a great audience. If you have never purchased playing cards before you can purchase them at your favorite online or brick-and-mortar store. For beginners, any basic pack of playing cards should do the trick, pun intended.

Blind 3-Card Monte

As you face your spectators, place 2 black Ace cards and the Queen of Hearts face up. You then turn away and ask them to pick one out of the 3 cards. Once they do, mix the cards up, facing down. You then pretend to guess which card was the chosen one and then suddenly face up the right card. To do this, ask your audience to switch the position of the two other cards they don’t pick. Once he faces all the cards down, and you turn around to look at all the faced-down cards, have him mix the cards. Let your eyes follow the middle card. Turn this card upwards as this was the person’s pick. They will never realize how you read their minds.

Find Your Card

Have a volunteer select a card from a deck you give him. Once he sees his own card, he needs to put it back in the deck. You then find their card really easily in the deck, to their astonishment. The way to do this is to divide the black and red cards before the trick. When they choose their card, check to see if they selected from the black or red part of the deck. When they select red, have them return it to the black deck, and vice versa.

This is the easiest method of finding which choice they made and will leave the audience stupefied for hours or even days.

Ace It!

Volunteers take the deck of playing cards, dealing them into a pile of 4. Once the volunteer is done dividing, on top of each deck is an Ace. To do this, remove every ace beforehand and put these on the deck bottom. Give this to your volunteer and have them make four decks slowly. Say, “think hard as you position your cards on every pile.” They will then automatically position each of the last four aces on each of the four piles of cards they made. Have them turn over the top card and lo and behold, it’s an Ace!

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